Morning Coffee News for 09/04/13

Bringing new meaning to the word “micro”: (via Daily Coffee News)

Intelligentsia has a new coffee truck in NYC: (via Eater NY)

Third Wave Coffee, as explained by Irving Farm to Esquire: (via Esquire)

Blue Bottle Coffee has a new location in NYC’s Boerum Hill neighborhood: (via Grubstreet)


There’s only one thing we New Yorkers love more than knowing our City is the center of the universe: telling everyone our City is the center of the universe.  What better way to get this point across to your slowly-dying-from-boredom suburban friends and family than with the new, “NYC” t-shirt, from Cap City Apparel, displayed above.

Cap City’s newest t-shirt pays homage to our City’s prestige and trendsetting by cleverly designing the “NEW” in NYC to be in the shape of the United States.  Their NYC tee is softer than a baby’s ass, and for the price of one hotel bar martini, can be yours.

Unlike Apple’s new “iMap,” I’ve included the correct link so you won’t get lost searching for Cap City:


Apparently, TimeOut New York finds nothing wrong with publishing a “best coffee in NYC” list that hasn’t been updated in TWO AND A HALF YEARS! Among the “best” places on their list is RBC, which closed damn near six months ago (I’m still bummed about that, by the way). If you’re going to publish a “best of” list, at least take the time to pick up the phone and see if anyone answers, or just Google the place.

For what it’s worth, their list should also include: Sweetleaf, Cafe Integral, Everyman Espresso, Gorilla Coffee, 40 Weight Coffee, and Irving Farm. I know ALL of these places are open; I’ve been there within the past 2.5 years.

Here’s the link if you’re interested

Handsome Joe


The coffee Gods have aligned and brought together two of our favorites from the coffee industry: Handsome Coffee Roasters and Joe the Art of Coffee.  For two days, Handsome co-founder Michael Phillips is running the coffee bar at Joe’s Pro Shop in Chelsea (131 West 21st Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues).  Phillips will be on the bar today, from 8am-11am, and is hosting a public cupping tomorrow at 10am.

While this hookup won’t last until the end of summer, or the weekend for that matter, it is one you certainly don’t want to miss.

Coffee, beer and boobs

No, I’m not talking about the early AM hours of a frat house.  I’m talking about a one-of-a-kind breast cancer fundraiser going down tonight at Joe the Art of Coffee’s Pro Shop in Chelsea (131 West 21 Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues).  You can help raise money by entering the $20 latte art contest or, if you’re like me and can barely brew French press coffee, you can make a donation and enjoy free beer, coffee, and help raise money for a noble cause.

Contest sign-ups begin at 7pm, and the first pour is at 7:30pm.  See you there! (photo courtesy of

Handsome Alert: free iced coffee at Brooks Brothers

Ice coffee 1

Beginning today and running through August 24, Handsome Coffee Roasters and its founder, World Barista Champion Michael Phillips, will dole out free iced coffee at Brooks Brothers’ new Flatiron Store at 901 Broadway (corner of East 20th Street) from 2pm-5pm.  I always imagined Brooks Brothers as a hunting-dog-and-single-malt-on-the-rocks kinda place but, hey, I’m not one to turn down free iced coffee.  (photo courtesy of the Greenists)



I guess expanding the most successful craft coffee chain in the City to Philadelphia wasn’t enough, so Joe decided to add “roaster” to its repertoire of coffee genius. Joe now roasts 10% of its beans on Thursday–the rest come from Ecco Caffe in California–and sells them in its stores on Friday, while supplies last.

For what’s its worth, I think this a brilliant idea because it allows Joe to improve upon its craft while supplying its customers with the freshest possible beans. No offense to Ecco, but it’s not logistically possible for a California roaster to get beans to NYC faster than Joe can get them from its Queens-based roasting plant (they’re roasting inside Dallis Bros.’ plant) to all of its stores.  And, with wedding season in full swing, the sleek, black package seen above makes a nice gift alternative to spatulas and griddles. No? I’m the only one who thinks so? Okay.